Our values

Our slogan "We love to make it happen" perfectly represents the unique HRS spirit. In pursuing this vision, the cultural competence of our employees is very important to us. In order to be successful within our team, we need a common understanding of the values we share. Therefore we defined our five central HRS values:


We are Customer Centric: Business travelers are our ultimate customers whilst we optimize business travel for our enterprise partners and closely collaborate with our accommodation partners. We anticipate the business travelers’ needs and continuously improve their experience to create sustainable value.


We are Innovative: We revolutionize the lodging industry to simplify business travel. We think big and small to innovate for value creation. We constantly drive incremental innovation in our products and how we work.


We are Entrepreneurial: Each and every one of us is given the opportunity to take full ownership to deliver on our vision. We are curious, constantly moving and exploring opportunities for value creation. 


We are Globally United: We work closely together as one global team with the utmost commitment and determination to deliver our mission. We encourage the contribution of all our people to be successful as a team.


We are Mutually Responsible: We recognize and reward the dedication and contribution of our people. We appreciate and genuinely care for each other by living up to our shared mission and values.