We’re your partner that keeps pushing for better. Our revolutionary end-to-end platform helps you make data-led decisions to choose the best places to stay and work from around the globe. Powered by our payment solutions and tailored to your goals.


Take the Customer view first

Customer success is what we strive for and which trumps our own commercial success. We always take a long-term perspective by foreseeing customer needs to elevate the experience and engineer backwards accordingly.

Think and act big

As Intrapreneurs we are big thinkers and big doers. We challenge the status quo, deliberately leave our comfort zones, work hard and grow from making mistakes. We approach every day with a growth mindset and love to make things happen.

Hire the most likely to win and develop to become the best

We strive for organizational upgrades, constantly raising the bar. As we believe that hard work trumps talent, we act as coaches to help our team members grow, through radical candid feedback anytime and anywhere.

Make merits rule, not entitlements

We share living up to a culture of merit. We know that entrepreneurial leadership is built on a foundation of personal ownership, self-discipline and accountability. That´s why we believe in the power of meritocracy where recognition comes with effort and achievement.

Pioneer for growth

We are learning pioneers who pave new ways and reflect to learn. For us there is never a perfect state, but only perpetual improvement. This includes more effective processes, better products, smarter commercial models, latest technologies and new ways of working.

Dive deep and act upon it

We understand and manage all levels of our business. From strategy to whatever it takes to execute, we view no task beneath us. We keep exploring input metrics as our executional guardrails and take ownership for the entire customer experience; that entails seeing, owning, solving and doing it.

Achieve more with less

We know how to become more effective as we don´t complain about a lack of resources, but set priorities and abandon less important activities to concentrate on things that move the needle

Seek truth and commit

As leaders we give purpose to each mission, and provide autonomy on how to achieve it. On our way we seek different perspectives and challenge each other with good intentions, all while striving for the best decision for the company. It is ok to disagree but once a call has been made, we follow through with ownership and discipline.

Foster healthy relationships

We are all part of a team that wants to win championships and is constantly striving to improve. We believe in the power of team work and it is the responsibility of the entire team to create an atmosphere of perserverance, continuos learning, passion and retrospectives where everyone can become the best version of themselves.