Intern - Application Support Specialist

City:  Chandigarh
Job Function:  Tech
Job Area:  Product & IT
Seniority Level:  Entry level
Date:  Mar 21, 2024

We are seeking a highly skilled and proactive Application Support Specialist to join our forward thinking team. This role is pivotal in ensuring our software products not only meet but exceed our users' expectations through seamless support and service. This role is integral to the success of our Lodgine as a Service (LaaS) and Meetings as a Service (MaaS) platform products, ensuring they not only meet but exceed our users' expectations through comprehensive support, service, and operational excellence. As an Application Support Specialist you will play a key role across the Plan, Build, and Run phases of our product lifecycle, alongside managing service requests and incidents within defined SLAs, including enhancing our support framework to maintain high quality user experiences.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with Product Owners, Development Teams, and Delivery Managers to understand upcoming product releases and integrate support planning early in the product lifecycle.
  • Anticipate support needs for new features, ensuring seamless user experiences upon launch by preparing the support infrastructure, including knowledge base and support scripts.
  • Regularly update the support risk register and knowledge base, incorporating detailed documentation on feature functionalities and support processes to mitigate potential challenges.
  • Conduct comprehensive testing of support processes to ensure efficiency and readiness for product launches, emphasizing rigorous quality checks and process optimization.
  • Deliver exceptional troubleshooting and end-user support, prioritizing rapid resolution of product/application issues to minimize impact on user experience.
  • Investigate and resolve production configuration issues, maintaining an updated knowledge base to streamline future troubleshooting efforts.
  • Engage transparently with stakeholders around product/application issues and enhancements, fostering a culture of open communication and customer focus.
  • Oversee service request and incident management within defined SLAs, ensuring effective prioritization and timely resolution of issues across all product lines.
  • Manage and prioritize incoming support requests on the Jira board, adopting a product-agnostic approach to support delivery and maintaining high service standards.
  • Contribute to defect resolution management, focusing on reactive and proactive measures to address reported issues and improve product stability.
  • Support internal teams with specialized application support, facilitating knowledge sharing and assisting in specific tasks to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Streamline support operations through the automation of service requests and the promotion of self-service options, like FAQs, to empower users with immediate solutions.
  • Foster continuous improvement in support processes and team capabilities, leveraging feedback, and insights to enhance service quality and user satisfaction.


We are seeking a candidate who possesses:

  • In-depth Experience in Support Roles: Demonstrated experience in application or software support, coupled with a robust understanding of the software development lifecycle and product lifecycle management. This includes practical experience in troubleshooting, issue resolution, and working within the operational frameworks of software products.
  • Collaborative Skills: A proven track record of effective collaboration with product owners, development teams, and delivery managers. The ideal candidate will have a proactive approach in anticipating, preparing for, and addressing support needs, ensuring seamless integration between support activities and product development.
  • Problem-Solving Expertise: Exceptional problem-solving skills with the ability to thoroughly understand product functionalities and support requirements. Candidates should be adept at analyzing complex issues, identifying root causes, and implementing solutions that enhance product reliability and user satisfaction.
  • Communication and Interpersonal Abilities: Strong communication and interpersonal skills are essential. The candidate must be capable of managing stakeholder communications and providing end-user support with empathy, patience, and efficiency. This includes the ability to convey technical information clearly and concisely to non-technical stakeholders.
  • Technical Proficiency: Familiarity with creating, maintaining, and utilizing knowledge bases, support scripts, and testing support processes. Candidates should be comfortable working with support and development tools to streamline support activities and improve response times.
  • User-Centric Perspective: A customer-first mindset, with a consistent focus on prioritizing the user experience in all troubleshooting and support activities. This involves a commitment to understanding user needs, reducing friction, and enhancing overall satisfaction with our products and services.


Core Skills and Competencies:

Technical Proficiency:

  • Advanced skills in using JIRA and Confluence for project management and documentation.
  • Proficiency in the MS Office suite for effective data analysis and reporting.
  • Experience with logging tools such as ElasticSearch for detailed issue investigation.
  • Competence in utilizing monitoring tools like Grafana and Kibana to oversee system performance and health.

Troubleshooting Expertise:

  • Strong troubleshooting abilities, with a systematic approach to diagnosing and resolving complex technical issues.

Programming and Networking Knowledge:

  • Familiarity with SQL and Python (or another scripting language) to automate tasks and analyze data.
  • Understanding of networking principles and basic software architecture to effectively communicate issues and solutions with the development team.

Exceptional Support Skills:

  • Demonstrated proficiency in providing high-level application support, ensuring customer satisfaction and continuous system improvement.

Communication and Collaboration:

  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to clearly articulate technical challenges and solutions to a variety of internal stakeholders.
  • Proven track record of successful collaboration across departments to achieve common goals and address support-related challenges.


Leading Principles:

  • Dive Deep: Exhibit a thorough understanding of our products and a proactive approach in anticipating and addressing future support needs.
  • Customer View First: Maintain a strong focus on the customer's perspective, ensuring all support activities enhance the user experience.


This role offers a unique opportunity for an Application Support Specialis t looking to make a significant impact on the quality, reliability, and operational efficiency of our software products. If you are passionate about delivering exceptional support and thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, we encourage you to apply.

Req ID:  17557

Job Segment: Technical Support, Testing, User Experience, Developer, Database, Technology